English Language Arts

K - 5th Grade:

The Elementary English/Language Arts

program incorporates all aspects of literacy including oral language (listening and speaking), word study (vocabulary and phonics/decoding), reading (comprehension and fluency) and language arts (writing, grammar, and spelling). The program provides leveled instructional materials for implementing differentiated instruction through whole class lessons, small groups, literacy centers and independent activities.

6th - 8th Grade:

The Middle School English/Language Arts program

integrates reading, writing, listening, thinking and speaking skills. Students read, discuss and evaluate various genres of literature. Characterization, plot, setting and theme are defined, identified and analyzed in class discussions and written assignments. Students use literature, personal experience and topics of interest to further enhance their writing skills through the development of various types of paragraphs and compositions.

9th - 12th Grade:

The High School English program

expands students' writing, reading and critical thinking skills. The literature selections range from the classics to more contemporary works in the genres of American, World and British Literature. Grammar, vocabulary and writing assignments, including reaction/reflection essays, formal and personal pieces, multi-media presentations and research projects serve to advance comprehension and strengthen students' ability to formulate and express well-founded ideas.

English I:

9th Grade

English I focuses on various works of literature, including but not limited to poetry, plays, novels, short stories, essays and speeches. Student discussion focuses on the traditions of various cultures and the basic literary elements of the different genres. Students continue to develop their vocabulary, grammar and composition skills.

English II:

10th Grade

English II expands students' literary analysis and writing skills. Students focus on reading and research that encourages discussion and allows for student contribution. Special emphasis is placed on writing a comparative analysis between fiction, non-fiction and multimedia texts.

English III :

11th Grade

English III focuses on selected works that require a higher level of both critical reading skills and independent analysis. Students respond to the readings by contributing to class discussion and creating oral and written projects. Writing instruction centers on the importance of clarity and structure in essays, presentations and research projects.

English IV:

12th Grade

English IV analyzes pieces of literature that broaden students' understanding of human nature and universal concerns such as relationships, materialism, technology and racism. Students apply their interpretive and analytical skills, participate in class discussions and activities and write in a multiple of genres in order to extend their ability to illustrate their knowledge and understanding. The research process is further practiced resulting in the completion of a well-documented research paper.